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Quakers and the Still, Small Voice

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When we sit in silence on Sunday morning, Quakers often like to say that we’re “listening.” But what does that still small voice sound like?

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  1. Olivia

    I really needed the reminder Jay O’Hara gives at the 5 minute mark: that putting this still small voice at the center looks like not doing anything (I emphasize ANYTHING) until you are led. I have experienced that before but haven’t been hanging out in that space lately. I have actually been doing things. Thanks, Jon Watts.

  2. Ginny Wall

    Thanks, Jon, and all the contributors. This video is a really strong and clear reflection on the inner voice, Quaker understandings of discernment and the inward teacher. I loved it!

  3. Michael Beer

    I appreciate listening to the experiences of fellow Friends in this video. I have attended more than 1000 Quaker Meeting for Worships and have never experienced hearing a still small voice. (nor a noisy loud voice) Any suggestions?

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  5. Carolyn Keys

    I enjoyed listening to the small blips about spirit listening. It’s very powerful and incisive as well.

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