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A Quaker Ministry of Radio

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After 25 years as a computer programmer, Mark Helpsmeet realized in 2005 that it wasn’t what he felt called to do. With help from his Quaker community, he discovered he was led to start a radio show on a small local station. Today his show Northern Spirit Radio is broadcast on over 32 stations nationwide.

Is QuakerSpeak worth $1 a video?

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    City & State
    ABINGDON VA 24210
    Do you have any hints on how we may entice a local station to carry your program?

    Quakers are a rarity here in Abingdon VA . It would be a great blessing if we could get
    your radio program aired.

    Abingdon Friends Meeting was founded here ten years ago by two non-friends who
    asked me if was possible to have a meeting here. Little did we know what this would
    entail, but by grace it came about,

    PS: Glad you answered your calling!

  2. Kukubo Barasa

    City & State
    Sirisia Bungoma Kenya
    I’m a Quaker and I like this. How can I listen to the Quaker radio from far away Bungoma Kenya. Are the programs interactive?

  3. Marie Vandenbark

    City & State
    Eau Claire, WI
    A great introduction to Mark’s work and the spirit behind it. Thanks!

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