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How Spirituality Makes Activism More Effective

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As Eileen Flanagan has noticed an increase in activism, she has also noticed a need for spiritual grounding. That’s where Quakers may have something to offer.

Is QuakerSpeak worth $1 a video?

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  1. Janet Lehde

    City & State
    Sointula, BC
    My commitment to activism is leading me to bear witness, and support, for riding my area of the BC Coast of 30 years of open-heartedness fish farms. My First Nation’s friends and neighbours are making a stand with occupation of their traditional, inferred, territories, near where I live, and camping on the fish farms. Now is the time to join n together, peaceably, to let government and companies know we will no longer tolerate what is harming the wild salmon runs and all creatures dependant on Salmon which includes resident Orca, Eagles, and Black Bears and Grizzly Bears. Swanson Occupation is on Facebook if you are also led to witness and support this history that is for change and the sacredness of life. Gilakas’la, Friends. 💝🌎💝

  2. Claudia Hanson

    City & State
    Would like to sign up to support with a pledge, but trying to sign up gave me trouble. Double sign in, clicking the pictures is OK if I don’t have to keep doing it several times, not accepting my password that I registered with and more. So when I have more time I will try again.

    1. Post
      Jon Watts

      Thanks for wanting to support the project! Sorry to hear that the signup process on Patreon gave you trouble. Alternatively, any donation to Friends Journal can be earmarked for QuakerSpeak. Just head over to and make sure you let us know that the donation is intended for QuakerSpeak!

  3. Sydney McDowell

    City & State
    Falmouth, Maine
    Thank you… this support s my new-found tippy-toed activism.

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