Click to Watch: Head of Moses Brown Quaker School talks about “School is Closed” Viral Video

Quaker School’s Snow Day Video Goes Viral

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Last week, Quaker School Moses Brown’s snow day video went viral. The video, uploaded to YouTube, is called School is Closed. It’s a parody of the song Let it Go from the Disney movie Frozen and it now has over 3 million views in just over a week.

We talk with Matt Glendinning, the head of school at Moses Brown, about the process of creating the video, what it’s like to go viral, and what it means to be a Quaker School.

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  1. Carl Stieren

    Great QuakerSpeak video! Yesterday, I tried to view the actual Moses Brown video. but couldn’t. Perhaps it was because 3 million viewers had seen it and maybe the schools server had broken down? Today I finally did view it on Youtube at and then I went to Moses Brown School’s site and was able to watch it there at: It has been viewed now more than 3.4 million times! And the acting and voice are great, by the way, so it really deserves the publicity.
    – Carl Stieren, a Quaker from Ottawa, Canada

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