Click to watch: “Why Traveling Ministry is Vital For Quakers in the 21st Century”

Why Traveling Ministry Is Vital for Quakers in the 21st Century

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In this week’s QuakerSpeak, Friends explore the time-tested practice of Quaker traveling ministry, still a powerful tool for Friends meetings to “renew their minds and wake up”.

Bring a Traveling Minister to Your Meeting!

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  1. Tony Marshall

    City & State
    Cape Town South Africa
    QuakerSpeak videos are a weekly highlight. Thank you. It is a most welcome travelling ministry to us in our small unprogrammed Cape Western Monthly Meeting here in Cape Town, at the southern tip of Africa. Long may your ministry continue!
    Blessings and peace

  2. Steven Cleary

    City & State
    Dublin, Ireland
    I am attending a meeting in Ireland that is dominated by elderly Quakers, how do we get traveling Ministers in to develop new perspectives.

  3. Ken Park

    City & State
    To our Friend in Ireland.
    The spirit and life of your meeting is God’s to direct.
    If you are well grounded in your Quakerism, you may want to consider seeking a meeting that
    touches your heart more strongly.
    If that is not possible, then live with the fact that God has placed you there with a concern.
    Then pray and seek guidance.
    Never forget, you are always loved and you are never alone.

    1. Steven Cleary

      City & State
      Monkstown, Co Dublin Ire.
      Thanks Ken for your advice, I decided to take action myself, I have been speaking at meeting and I am more than tolerated. Eventually I sort of dried up and move to handing out a copy of the Quaker Peace Testimony on 8X4 sheets on the streets of Dublin and its suburbs. Given that we are part of the EU and the EU’s increasing involvement in Syria, it seemed appropriate.
      A by-product of this is that I target young people, university students and Ireland’s increasing immigrant population. What has always impressed me about Quakerspeak is the diversity of racial backgrounds in the USA, which like ourselves stems from a small group of people from the middle of the UK.
      What surprised me when I spoke to an older member of the meeting was that I had full support for the idea of taking to the streets. Have I convinced or did I underestimate, LOL

  4. pastor silira muganda

    City & State
    I would like to get more information on Quaker missions and philanthropy.

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