Why I Am a Quaker

Why I Am a Quaker

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Is being a Quaker worth it? We asked 8 longtime Friends what keeps them coming to Meeting every Sunday.

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  1. Carl

    City & State
    houston, Tx
    I am a born again Christian, my parents are pastors and children of pastors so I was raised in the traditions and practices of my families denomination.
    It was Quaker worship practices and Meeting management that brought me to the Friends.
    I have always felt a “one-on-one” with God and Christ but have also always had a problem with preachers, creeds, rituals and all the other junk that has burdened those that wish only to worship quietly with others.

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  3. Robin Gray

    City & State
    Winnemucca, Nevada
    If I lived in a community where The was a Quaker church I would definitely try it out. The nearest one I know of is a three hour drive away though. I feel I am missing something important because of this.

  4. Mary Alice harvey

    City & State
    Duluth, MN.
    Because this is a community,—a supportive community; one that does not give me answers, but encourages me to seek answers. Answers may change, but the joy of seeking them with others never does.

  5. Ted Lapis

    City & State
    Sheridan, WY
    Meditation helps unify our being, while community supports our lives. Wyoming has 5 active Unprogrammed Meetings.

    Our groups focus on helping people. We are not evangelicals, but we welcome seekers.

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