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Why Are Quakers Pacifists?

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Why are Quakers pacifists? We talked with George Lakey about Quakers’ call to struggle, the myth that violence works, and how that’s all changing.

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  1. Jennifer Snow Wolff

    Great idea! I’ve subscribed. Unfortunately, the sound on my computer has been muted, and I can’t, for the life of me, fix it! 🙁 It makes watching videos to silent, even for a Quaker!

    1. Post
      Jon Watts

      Hi Jennifer! Sorry to hear that you are having trouble getting the sound to play on your new computer! Our videos are hosted on YouTube, are you having the same problem with playing other YouTube videos? If so, you might get some help from this YouTube TroubleShooting Guide.

      Thanks for your interest!

  2. Helen Gould

    Hi Jon
    Somewhere alongside this video i saw a quote by Gandhi about when violence is justified? or what it’s better than? I can’t recall… if you can, can you please send me a link?

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