What is a Quaker Query?

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What is a Quaker query? As shopkeepers and businesspeople, Quakers developed queries as a way of taking “moral and spiritual inventory” of themselves. Doug Gwyn explains.

Is QuakerSpeak worth $1 a video?

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  1. patrick fry turner

    City & State
    Isn’t it more spiritually centering to ask ourselves these probing questions rather than recite creeds?

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  3. Janelle Ganey

    City & State
    Jacksonville, FL
    Why is it either creeds or these types if queries? Creeds remind us of who God is, what has done, is doing, and will do in our own lives. The queries help us make sense of this in our day-to-day living. It goes back tp the age-old tension between faith and works. They should be in a constant dance with one another. When one is missing or weak, we get out of balance.

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  5. Andy Tix

    City & State
    I’d love to see a list of the classic or most meaningful queries. Anyone have a link or source?

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