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Undoing the Damage of Violence

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Quakers aren’t just anti-violence. Much of our work is, in fact, pro-healing. John Calvi, a renowned Quaker healer, on why healing work is so incredibly essential.

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  1. Micah Bales

    OK, I have a really basic question: What is John referring to when he says “energy work,” and where does this emerge from in the Quaker tradition? Or maybe it doesn’t, but it’s a good thing anyway? Would love more info on the theological grounding of “energy work.”

  2. Steve Whinfield

    Can anxiousness lead to violence? If we are to “prepare the way for the Lord (spirit)” are we to put down all injustice inside as well as outside? How does one put down the anxiousness the world places on us today? As a Quaker I’m being asked to make it simple. It’s never simple. It’s hard hard work. There is damage everywhere you look. To that I give you a quote I received today…. “Love makes your soul crawl out of its hiding place” Zona Neale Hurston

  3. David Fletcher

    I have to agree with Paul Christiansen (What We Stand On) that fear is the source of war and I add all if not most violence.

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