The Importance of Breaking Stereotypes

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“Breaking down stereotypes is really important, and who better and more important to do it than Quakers?” Jolee Robinson reflects on her experiences with subverting stereotypes.

Is QuakerSpeak worth $1 a video?

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  1. jules

    City & State
    what inspiration, a lifetime of “breaking stereotypes” BRAVO

  2. St. Clair Allmond

    Fry, Dyer, and Fells rolled into one . A maverick and trailblazer in R.S.F. A pathfinder for people of color like me too. Jolie is prolific in many senses and tenses. BYM is lucky to have her.

  3. olivia

    What an amazing woman — “And that’s how I lost my first full-time job!”

    Her excitement and conviction about complete inclusion/equality stirs me deeply (more likely even elevating african american people aboveerself, wherever possible).

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