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How Do Quaker Meetings Do Outreach and Welcome Newcomers?

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This summer we traveled to New England Yearly Meeting and asked Quakers from all over the region: how does your meeting do outreach? How do you welcome newcomers?

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  1. Irene Oleksiw

    City & State
    Downingtown, PA
    A good listen for every Meeting; lots of practical advice …….. I’d be interested to know how many of the meetings represented in this clip have been growing.

  2. signe wilkinson

    City & State
    Philadelphia, PA
    Many great insights in this helpful video, especially the last about helping people find their own experience of the light. The single thing Friends can do to get people to visit in the first place is to personally invite people to attend. We recommend good doctors, roofers or restaurants to others. If we find our faith community nurturing and inspiring, why wouldn’t we recommend it? While it’s great to be welcoming to those who find their way to us on their own, early Friends didn’t wait for people to come to them. “Outreach” has the word “out” in it. Let’s get our light out from under the bushel basket!

    Echoing Irene’s comment–how about a Quaker Speak on how growing meetings did their growing?

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  4. Michael Ruberton

    City & State
    St. Louis, MO 63104
    St. Louis Friends have labored on how we can reach out to our community, and have become part of the Winter Outreach program for the homeless by offering our Meeting House as a shelter two nights a week, We still would like to reach the larger community, and this video gives some strong insights and ideas that I, as an Advancement Committee member, will share.

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