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Quaker Faith in Song

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The act of creating music from Quaker spiritual writings helped Paulette Meier through a difficult time in her life. These songs are unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

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  1. Nancy Saunders

    This ministry touches me so deeply. These plainsong messages are the closest thing we have to Quaker hymns.

  2. Betsy Neale

    What a wonderful resource these films are! My thanks to all who make them happen. I appreciate this focus on Paulette’s uplifting ministry.

  3. Paulette Meier

    Thank you kindly, Don, Nancy and Betsy! I’m pleased, too, that the doors for Jon Watts to follow his leading (and ministry) have opened. Let’s hold him and his video ministry in the Light. : )

  4. Karen Arnett

    Hey Jon, Good work. I love this video of Paulette! I suggest you add a reading list that gives titles of the early Quaker works from which the quotes came from, for Friends who want to read more in depth.

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