In Pursuit of Nonviolent Parenthood

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“Nonviolent parenting? I feel like I need a Quaker workshop on that,” Brianne Boylan laughs. As an adoptive mother, Brianne has been on a remarkable journey, one deeply informed by her participation in the Quaker community. “One of the reasons why I feel like I want to be surrounded by Quakers,” she admits, “is so that I can learn from …

My Journey Back to Quakers

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“Having all of those stories and experiences that came before us, to then come together, [to] find each other as Friends, as ensemble-builders, storytellers, or people who are just very passionate about making change—that is definitely something that I found in Quakers and in Quaker community that speaks to me and helps drive me forward.” Sara Waxman of Friends Journal …

White Quakers Confronting White Privilege

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All White people benefit from systems of oppression and exploitation simply by living in a culture created in their favor. We spoke with several White Quakers about what it means to acknowledge their privilege, and how that awareness informs their efforts to live in a way that fully honors that of God in all of us. As Tom Hoopes says, …

A Faith-Driven Approach to Helping Homeless People

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“As we face this COVID-19 moment, in every way the vulnerable are just getting more and more vulnerable, so it’s incumbent upon people of Faith, any person of conscience—Quakers foremost—that we reach out to those in need, and the homeless in particular are becoming more and more marginalized in this moment.” As the ministry leaders at Friends Community Church in …

A Quaker Take on Liberation Theology

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“The original teachings of Jesus are all about wealth redistribution and fighting greed and uplifting the poor,” Olivia Chalkley says. Liberation theology is grounded in that explicit connection between economic justice and spiritual salvation, and, as Olivia discusses, has much to teach us about “the opportunity to create something that resembles the kingdom of heaven here on Earth.” Is QuakerSpeak …

Listening for God Online

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As someone who travels in the ministry, Emily Provance is already used to connecting with her home meeting remotely. In this virtual interview, Emily explains how Quakers can use online tools to worship together—and not just in emergency circumstances Is QuakerSpeak worth $1 a video?

How Quakerism Influences My Medical Practice

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Doctors and healthcare workers are currently on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. In a 2019 interview, Penny Thron-Weber explains how her Quaker faith allows her to better connect with her patients. When asked how coronavirus is affecting her today, Penny replied: “For some reason the universe keeps asking me to learn more about holding diametrically opposed perspectives at …