Making a Viral Quaker Video

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A (very) brief history of Quakers was created at a Young Friends lock-in in Richmond, VA. With over 100,000 views on YouTube, it’s one of the most popular Quaker videos ever produced. Here’s how it happened.

Is QuakerSpeak worth $1 a video?

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  1. Jules Rensch

    City & State
    simple, straight forward and so Quaker……..Bravo

  2. Linda Murgatroyd

    City & State
    United Kingdom
    Nice video. Great idea to do this project.
    The question at the end is very pertinent. Makes me think especially about what are we doing about climate breakdown. Some Friends (old and young) are currently engaging in civil disobedience (eg with Extinction Rebellion) because of the lies and inaction on this subject. Our Earth is on fire ! Recycling our plastic containers etc is no longer enough if we are to prevent the worst effects ; we need to change our habits in a big way – it is no longer ok to fly regularly or to eat lots of beef, especially if it’s fed on soy beans from what was the Amazon rainforest. Yes, Love and Truth can be uncomfortable. They were in the 17th century and they still are today.

  3. Jules Rensch

    City & State
    having just returned from a beautiful train ride to Ottawa Canada…the climte activists were actually flocking to bridges at rush hour to disturb the flow of traffic…thereby calling attention to the biggest threat to our futue. “climate” and what we may do to put things right!


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