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Listening Each Other Into Wholeness

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In this week’s QuakerSpeak video, O talks about the role of listening in healing our humanity. What happens when we really listen to one another?

Comments 3

  1. Tracey

    City & State
    Savannah GA
    Wow —doesn’t get any clearer!
    Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Laurie Mitchell

    City & State
    woodbury, nj
    I believe that listening to one another is very important, the first step is to listen to God, then we can open our hearts to one another. When in our hectic lives of working and surviving we lose the ability to be still or quiet enough to listen to God and yes, all things can fall apart in our lives. Society is becoming a place where one is always having to protect ourselves from criticism, and sarcasm. The violence we see on media has desensitize many people, violence of words is just as damaging as physical violence. I agree if we feel devalued we are not going to become all God has planned for our lives. I am a teacher and I try to listen to my students, other teachers, and parents.

  3. Susan

    City & State
    I know you know about “the body breaking” and taking the power back. I love listening and speaking for and with God’s power. Thank you, again.

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