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How Many Quakers Are There in the World? (And Where Are They?)

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Every 5 years, Friends World Committee for Consultation publishes a map of Quakers worldwide. So how many Quakers are there in the world? The answer might surprise you.

Celebrate World Quaker Day!

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  1. Kate deRiel

    What a wonderful video for Friends and their friends. I appreciate the leadership of Gretchen Castle and her her ideas for a future of peace and understanding!

  2. Frances

    City & State
    I would be very interested to know which country has the highest population percentage of friends. I would think the UK might because it is common for a religion to most common in the area in which that religion came into being.

    1. Post
  3. Trevor Bending

    City & State
    London, UK
    Very unlikely to be UK with highest proportion of Quakers today. There are less than 25000 of us with a population of over 60 million.
    Much more likely to be the US or Kenya I would think?

  4. Trevor Bending

    City & State
    London, UK
    Frances (again)
    Turns out I was wrong (in part). I’m not sure it matters but I did the maths and:
    Kenya 120,000/48 million = 0.25%
    Bolivia 28500/11.5 million = 0.25%
    Guatemala 20,000/16.5 million = 0.12%
    UK 23,000/66 million = 0.036%
    Nepal 7600/29 million = 0.026%
    US 80,000/325 million = 0.025%
    Taiwan 5000/23.5 million = 0.021%

    I didn’t realise there were so many Americans and so few Quakers there. But I was right about Kenya. Do Quakers then ‘punch above their weight’?!

  5. Dave Hodgkin

    City & State
    Hi there, I wonder if it is possible to find out more about the work of the Friends World Committee for Consultation?
    I’m based in Yogyakarta Indonesia and always keen to find out of there are other quakers down here.

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