Frequently Asked Questions About Quaker Meeting for Worship

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When we polled newcomers to Quaker meetings, these were the 8 most frequently asked questions they had about Quaker worship when they first walked through the doors of a meetinghouse.

Find out about Quakers in PA, DE, NJ and MD.

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  1. Eileen DOUGLAS

    City & State
    We attended a Quaker meeting for three years when we lived in WA state, but since we moved to western NC, we haven’t found one close by to our home in Hendersonville. How can we find one?

  2. Johan Maurer

    City & State
    Portland, Oregon
    If the Friends meeting nearest you has a pastor or a more programmed format, this video may not describe your exact experience, but I love it all the same! Although I’m now in a so-called programmed meeting, this video beautifully portrays the way worship was conducted in the meeting I first joined (Ottawa, Ontario).

    This video’s questions and answers about silence and waiting apply to our church’s period of open worship just as it would apply to a 100% unprogrammed meeting for worship; it’s just that our period of open worship is shorter.

  3. Anthony Gimpel

    thank you Philadelphia Friends
    I’ve been going to Meeting for 39 years and I still have plenty to learn.
    With love from Leicester, Old England.


    City & State
    As a Christian, I feel a lot of kinship with this way of seeking God’s presence together
    In many Christian camps this happens in this way and
    at prayer meetings in churches

    early Friends belief as always Jesus had things to say that might guide us
    I believe that the quaker- movement is much larger than those who call themselves quaker

    I live in Belgium and am very happy with a Friends Journal
    My language is Dutch hope that you understand what I mean
    God bless you all
    Connected in Christ


  5. John Andrews

    City & State
    Bordentown NJ
    To Eileen Douglas,
    There is an active Meeting in Asheville.

  6. Shelia Bumgarner

    City & State
    Charlotte, NC
    My life has been enriched ten fold since I decided to live my life as a Quaker. I joined the Society in 1998 and way has opened to me to be the person that gives and loves with thinking. Never hide the Light within you.

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