Click to watch: “A Quaker Lobbyist on Capitol Hill”

A Quaker Lobbyist on Capitol Hill

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Whether it’s world peace, climate change, poverty, or justice, Quaker lobbyist Ruth Flower has lobbied Congress about it. And she wants you to become a lobbyist, too.

Lobby with Quakers on Capitol Hill!

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  1. Sharon Tounzen

    City & State
    Athens ,Alabama
    I would love to be a Lobbyist for the “right issue”. As a 66 year old woman I feel connected to many relevant issues.

  2. Patricia Dareneau

    City & State
    Surf City. NC
    I think this will is may be what I am Looking For. . Thanks for the reminder about FCNL

  3. Michelle de Stefano

    Let’s just be clear: “Quaker” is not synonymous with “Progressive”. There are Quakers with other views on what would be the most beneficial to people besides those for which FCNL lobbies. Personally, I, a Quaker, oppose just about the entire FCNL agenda and act accordingly.

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