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Who Is John Woolman?

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Quaker icon John Woolman balanced activism with an inward contemplative spirituality. Michael Birkel, Professor of Christian Spirituality at Earlham School of Religion, shares more.

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  1. howard hadley

    City & State
    Not the best video, but clearly not the worst. While the content was informative the delivery was more than lackluster.

    I would prefer to read the transcript without having to watch the video

  2. Mama Sal

    City & State
    San Jose, CA
    Another wonderful contribution to educating us all in weekly, bite-sized chunks. Jon Watts, Friends Journal and all the collaborators of Quaker Speak are doing us a great service – thank you, once again!

    I will be using a Quaker Speak video during a presentation about Quakers to some San Jose middle school students next week – a great way to share more than just my voice on the topic of particular interest to them (Quakers, war and peace). And I have just recommended a friend who is interested in Quakers use Quaker Speak to explore our faith tradition.

  3. James E. Edmundson

    City & State
    Haymarket, Virginia
    Professor Birkel: Please consider doing a presentation on William Edmundson. His journal is most fascinating and he was the first to denounce slavery every in the Quaker community.

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