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My Spiritual Journey with Disability

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In reconciling his disability with his understanding of the nature of God, Quaker Greg Woods stopped questioning “what God did or did not do” when he started seeing himself as a part of the body of Christ.

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Comments 8

  1. Julie Young

    City & State
    Terre Haute, IN
    This is very moving. I appreciate what Greg has so beautifully articulated. Thank you, Greg.

  2. Signe Wilkinson

    City & State
    Phila., PA
    If only all Friends could speak so eloquently about their faith. Thank you, Greg.

  3. Mark Condo

    City & State
    Mansfield, Ohio
    Greg’s transparency and gentleness embodies what many of us may know in mind, but so often fail to integrate in practice of daily life. Thank you, Greg for teaching us through your words and open attitude towards diversity about what it means to embrace life as it is, and to accept others where they are.

  4. Aaron Freeman

    City & State
    New Haven
    He might like My Religion, by Helen Keller, an important swedenborgian and vaudevillian.

  5. Mariellen Gilpin

    City & State
    Champaign IL
    Some years ago, I mentioned the idea that my disability might be a gift from God, and a dear Friend in our meeting gave a ladylike snort and said, “It’s the gift that keeps on giving!!” I agree, Greg, talking about our disabilities and our efforts to serve God best we can, anyway we can, is a gift to the whole meeting. Sharing mine with the meeting helped me heal and also helped me find my voice as a minister in my meeting. I remembered lots of silencing as a kid, the message being, “Don’t play on my feelings in order to get sympathy.” I began talking about my journey as a way of sharing wisdom gained along the way. It’s called authenticity! I try to be authentic — for God.

  6. Jeffrey Ray

    City & State
    Greensboro, NC
    As with everything else Greg you always do an outstanding job you find ways to relate with others and constantly uplift those around you you are a true blessing my friend

  7. Michele Sands

    City & State
    Thank you for helping me better understand and strive toward the “beloved Community.”

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