The QuakerSpeak Project Has 150,000 Views!

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As the QuakerSpeak project enters the final month of Season 1, we look back over what we’ve accomplished so far (hint: 150,000 views!!), what’s coming up, and we have one question for you: do you want a DVD?

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  1. Paul Bender

    I am a convinced friend and I have found this QuakerSpeak project very interesting. I look forward to the second year of QuakerSpeak.

  2. Nancy Gideon Clark

    very nice to have this coming to us all, new and old Friends, age and membership.

  3. Maida Follini

    I would very much like to access a DVD ofQuakerspeak, to use in outreach. (I tried to “click here” above but nothing happened.)

  4. Post
    Jon Watts

    Thanks so much for the encouraging words! Maida… I spent the longest time trying to figure out what link said “click here”, and then I realized that you were looking at the transcript! I can totally see how that would be confusing. I apologize for that; I’ve embedded links into the transcript to avoid confusion in the future. If you would like to sign up to be the first to hear about our DVD, please visit

    Thanks again!

  5. Owen de Ris

    I respect your Quaker Speak production as I do when someone stands to speak in Meeting.
    We all share in the Larger Meeting, in new ways of communication, and here is a worthy voice.

  6. Bevianne Fitch

    Thank you so much for all the great work you’ve been doing. It’s wonderful to see and hear different people’s experiences so clearly expressed.

  7. Eric Callcut

    I will put out another reminder concerning “Quaker Speak” in the next December French newsletter: “la Lettre des Amis”.
    Well done!

  8. Russ Litchfield

    Thank you for producing these videos. They have been informative and really useful to share with Friends and friends outside of Quakerdom.
    I look forward to another season. Blessings to you!

  9. Joan Tucker

    When I try to confirm my request for a DVD I get the following message:

    “You have not yet confirmed your subscription.

    To confirm it, follow the instructions in the email sent to you.

    If you do not see that message in your inbox, check your bulk folder..”

    What do I need to do to proceed?

  10. Allison Randall

    Thank YOU, Jon, for this wonderful ministry. I believe I emailed you months ago that my guess is that QuakerSpeak has done more to help understanding of Quakerism than anything else I’ve known about in the three plus decades I have been a Quaker. I have referred a number of people to it, forwarded different “episodes” to friends and family, and urged both Quakers and non-Quakers to view it. For non-Quakers it gives them a handle on what Quakerism is about, and for Quaker it broadens their view of who Quakers are, since you interview many different sorts of Quakers. Blessings in your continued work!
    One suggestion: how about finding some really elderly well respected Quakers who might not be with us in this world much longer ?

  11. Karen Saxon

    I have been enriched by these small spiritual journeys. They lift my spirit and give me words to share my Quaker convictions with non-Friends. They too seek and Quakerspeak gives me a way to help them understand who we are and who I am inside.

  12. Maggie

    Um, weren’t you on board BEFORE Friends Journal, FGC, and QVS? Just sayin’….
    Amazing how much you’ve accomplished in such a short time! Especially in view of having to bring 3 organizations on board to cooperate….Congratulations Jon Watts!

  13. Monty Williams

    Thank you, Jon Watts, for all the interviews this year and for the Quaker Speak Project. I have enjoyed watching every video. I think my favorite was the one comparing Quakers and Amish. As a life long Quaker I sometimes get asked about the difference and his interview was helpful.

    I hope we will have a Season Two and next time please do a video of yourself at the end so we can see your face!

  14. Wendy Malepeai

    Thank you, Jon, and all who contributed to the videos. They are wonderful productions. I share the links on Facebook. As a “farflung Friend”, so to speak (in American Samoa, 5 hours from Honolulu), I welcome chances to connect. Looking forward to the next season. Well done!

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