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Did Quakers Invent Solitary Confinement?

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After Quakers spent time in 17th century prisons under horrendous conditions, many of them went on to help reform the prison system. As AFSC’s Laura Magnani explains, it didn’t go exactly as planned.

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  1. Jack Malinowski

    City & State
    Phila., Pa
    But what are Quakers doing today about mass incarceration?

  2. Patricia Dareneau

    City & State
    Surf city, North Carolina
    Have toured Eastern State. Originally conceived to be a place for prisoners to live in a solitary cell in silence to become reformed through Quaker practices. Know known as place where Al Capone was imprisoned and a Halloween destination

  3. Ted Emigh

    City & State
    Raleigh, NC
    You just have to look for groups of quakers working against mass incarceration, including FCNL, AFSC, several (at least) Monthly Meetings, including working inside prisons to reduce violence (Alternatives to Violence Project) . The resources are out there if you want to become involved.

  4. Marie

    City & State
    This became the Reason we have many Mental illness. People on this country..

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