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My Spiritual Awakening

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Valerie Brown was a high powered lawyer. Then she had an experience that changed everything.

Is QuakerSpeak worth $1 a video?

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  1. Rodney Gypin

    City & State
    After leaving a toxic high pressure job in DC she transformed herself into an amazing teacher and spiritual healer. That took courage and wisdom to leave the money and follow her heart. I attended her Quaker Circle worships at Ghost Ranch N Mexico. The peace and love we in see in her video is testimony to her incredible spiritual journey. If you have an opportunity please do yourself a favour and attend her workshops/retreats. Life changing!

  2. Noel Staples

    City & State
    Cambridgeshire, UK
    Lovely experience and description Valerie! Thank you so much! No doubt you also find the beauty in a blade of grass now. Etty Hillesum, the Dutch Jewess and diarist who was murdered in Auschwitz, was so transformed by her spiritual experience that she was able to see beauty in the midst of the horror of Nazi persecutionin Westerbork Transit camp —even to wonder what had happened to an SS soldier in his early life that had made him able to beat up one of her fellow Jews —even to feel a sense of sorrow that he had been reduced to such a state! The diaries are an amazing portrayal of the growth of Etty’s spritual life. (Etty lived only streets away from Anne Frank’s secret annexe in Prinzengracht and was murdered just as Anne Frank began her more famous diary. The New York actress Susan Stein has made it her life’s work to perform her own one woman play based entirely on words taken from the diaries. See

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