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If the Church Were Christian

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Where did the church go wrong? For Quaker pastor and author Philip Gulley, it’s not heeding Jesus’s central message: compassion.

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  1. Ken Southwood

    City & State
    San Antonio TX78209
    Let’s hope that the wider church will listen and hear you, Phil. Yet – to have to gtive up the principle that Jesus gave them a unique message as the only begotten son of God . . . . . .

  2. Mariellen Gilpin

    City & State
    Champaign IL
    That’s tellin’ ’em, Phil!! Keep on keepin’ on!! Blessings, Mariellen

  3. Elizabeth

    City & State
    Excellent. I found this very moving, perhaps because it feels so true. Thank you. Yes, please keep saying this.

  4. Robin Gray

    City & State
    Winnemucca, Nevada
    Very moving. I agree with what he said. I wish there was a lot more of this out there.

  5. Jim Schultz

    City & State
    Lake Ronkonkoma, NY
    If the church were Christian it would believe that Jesus was the son of God. That God himself came down to free us of judgment, self-imposed as well as outwardly.
    If the church were Christian they wouldn’t be afraid to go directly to God for life’s most difficult decisions.
    Compassion flowed out of Jesus but so did fairness. He treated women and children as equals with men.
    Love is more than compassion. That’s why Jesus wept when looking upon Jerusalem he realized they did not recognize Him and He couldn’t save them from what was coming upon them. Compassion without fairness and wisdom is the path to self-destruction.
    Simplistic solutions to how to become more like Jesus belies the complexity of being part of a plan greater than the human mind can comprehend.

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