How to Become a Member of a Quaker Meeting

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Interested in joining a Quaker Meeting? Here’s how to become a member.

Find out about Quakers in PA, DE, NJ and MD.

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  1. Phil Newberry

    City & State
    Okc Ok
    Quaker membership was originated in 1735 for one simple reason: To list which meeting was responsible for financial relief of individual Friends. It was NOT intended to be a label. Lately it seems that membership is presented as some type of identity badge. There really is NO basis for differentiating between members and attenders. Every meeting has a long list of “members” that don’t even show up and many “mere” attenders that actually contribute consistently. The member/attender construct is antiquated, but NOT traditional. Selling it this way is vain and superficial.

  2. Joe Ossmann

    City & State
    Paw Paw, Michigan
    This is a difficult subject, but I agree with Phil Newberry. I have written an article (available on request) on why I believe that the practice of membership is contrary to Quaker testimonies. I have also led an interest group at a recent FGC Gathering on this theme, which was mostly well-received. Although some Friends seem to derive great meaning from membership, I believe it is divisive, alienating, and unnecessary.

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