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How I Became a Quaker

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Discovering George Fox’s Journal when we was just 14 years old, Kevin-Douglas Olive found a language to describe his experience and the people he belonged with.

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Comments 6

  1. sharon annis

    City & State
    Saratoga CA
    thanks Kevin good to see you i remember the seeking intense young man who gave so much to Meeting.

  2. Steven Cleary

    City & State
    Dublin, Ireland
    A real Quaker, the Meeting that has him is very lucky!

  3. Deborah Dougherty

    City & State
    Tarrytown, NY
    Here’s something that made me smile: when your parents said, “no,” it was almost as if they – although unknowingly – were working with Spirit to validate your path.

    You also talk about “running of to the…(fill in the blank).” I experienced that, and, like you, I come back to roost on Quakerism.

    And you’ve inspired me to do more reading…thank you.

  4. anne b kirchgraber-mckee

    City & State
    wow!!! great video, thanks for sharing this !

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