Becoming a Quaker Minister

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Stephanie Crumley-Effinger was “recorded” as a minister in Indiana Yearly Meeting in 1982. We talked with her about the recording process, and what she’s learned about Quaker ministry since.

Is QuakerSpeak worth $1 a video?

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  2. Pamela Parker

    City & State
    San Antonio, TX
    I very much appreciated this wonderful discussion, and am new to Quakerism, and also a new chaplain. I loved the selfless aspect Ms. Crumley Effinger discusses, and that it is not about “personal” accomplishments and self but seeking divine guidance and accountability in the use of one’s calling, gifts and talents. Unfortunately, in the temporal world, we often have to reach certain milestones (for example an MDiv.) to do ministry professionally, but I love the fact that Quaker ministry is open to all, and am excitedly looking forward to future membership and so that the Friends may be my endorsing body as I go forth serving those in palliative care.

  3. Helen Stout-Fisher

    City & State
    Bristol PA
    My name is Helen Stout-Fisher. I was raised a Quaker and raised my children Quaker at Bristol Meeting in Bristol, PA
    I am now a Non-Denominational Minister, but never really gave up my Quaker beliefs.

  4. Lynn E Snyder

    City & State
    Bloomfield, IN
    I am interested in being “recorded” as a Quaker minister. Who do contact?

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